Services provided by David Bailey Images

Welcome editors, publishers, stock agencies, advertising agencies, photo researchers, art directors, corporate clients, and individual collectors of fine art photography..

David is a freelance photographer and writer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado and specializes in several areas of stock photography. His library contains over 40,000 images of travel, landscapes, sports, concerts, and military history subjects.

Editorial: David both writes and provides photography for editorial articles on travel, photography, sports, and concerts. Photographs can be provided for many editorial ideas in the travel business from around the world including a large selection of recent images from China and Iwo Jima.

His photographic travel catalog includes images from Russia, Sweden, Copenhagen, Estonia, Berlin, Helsinki, China, Italy, Egypt, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Iwo Jima, Guam, Peleliu, France, Turkey and of course the United States.

Fine Art Photography: David sells large scale fine art landscapes and travel prints including panoramic prints for corporate customers and individual clients. The panoramic prints can printed up to 30x85” in size. Several art galleries in Colorado Springs sell his landscape photographs.

Assignments: David is available for both photography and writing assignments around the world.

Landscapesand travel images are available for Corporate Fine Art displays in your office.